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The Apollo University (TAU) among the top 100 Higher Education Institutions

The Apollo University (TAU) has been recognised by Digii as one of the top among the 100 Higher Education Institutions pioneering Digital Transformation.  

Digii 100 summit, which took place on December 14, 2023, in New Delhi, cast a spotlight on The Apollo University (TAU) as a trailblazer among the top 100 Higher Education Institutions driving digital transformation in India. This gathering of thought leaders, policymakers, and technology experts aimed to celebrate innovative approaches in education.

TAU’s recognition at the summit is a testament to its dedicated embrace of cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Y. Sreeraman, TAU’s ERP Coordinator, was honored to receive this prestigious accolade on behalf of the University.The summit emphasized a holistic framework for digital transformation, shedding light on the strategies and technologies reshaping the landscape of higher education. TAU’s acknowledgment underscores its pivotal role in spearheading initiatives in educational technology.

By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies into its operations and curriculum, TAU has established itself as a benchmark for institutions venturing into the realm of digital transformation. Beyond the recognition, the Digii100 Summit provided a platform for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge within the dynamic field of digital education. Dr. Y. Sreeraman’s acceptance of the award marks a significant moment for TAU, serving as both validation and inspiration to persist in their commitment to digital innovation. This recognition contributes to the ongoing narrative of digital transformation in India’s higher education sector.

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