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The centralized library in the University comprises an extensive collection of books and periodicals, including research journals in each specialization. It is equipped with state-of-the-art computing systems and internet facilities to access networked libraries and online journals. In addition, the library is being planned to create a rich learning environment for students and staff. The library also has photocopying and scanning facilities.

Some of the exclusive features of the centralized library at TAU are:

An extensive collection of books

The library houses the best books published by renowned national & international publishers. Therefore, students from all domains can find valuable books in the library to enrich their knowledge.


Taking into account the convenience of the students, the centralized library is designed in such a fashion that our students love to spend their maximum time here. It’s fully air-conditioned, and the ergonomically designed furniture makes it an ideal place for in-depth study.


The centralized library at TAU is a paradise for studious wards. The library staff is amiable and leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a peaceful ambience to create a rich learning environment for the students.


Students can gain online access to networked libraries through LAN within the campus. In addition, it helps them read books, journals, and other resources using the internet on the Wi-Fi-enabled TAU campus without visiting the library.

  • Monday to Saturday    09.00 AM to 11.00 PM

    Sunday & Holidays       09.00 AM to 1.00 PM

    • 1000+ Books
    • 100+ Print Periodicals
    • 750+ Peer reviewed journals
    • 980+ reference and Text Books
    • 10000+ customizable patient education handouts
    • 4500+ Practice Guidelines
    • Latest Clinical trails
    • 500+ CD/ DVD’s
    • Over 4.2 million images
    • Book issue/ Return/ Renewal
    • Display of New Arrivals
    • Reference
    • News Paper Clippings
    • Wi – Fi
    • Reprography facilities
    • User orientation
    • Sensitization of Databases
    • Maintain Discipline in the Library
    • No personal belongings are allowed inside the library
    • No food and beverages are allowed inside the library
    • Pilfering of books is a serious offence
    • No marking is permitted on the furniture / study material
    • Do not carry bags, jerkins and Raincoats etc., into the library.
    • Keep the personal belongings in the designated place i.e property counters only .
    • Do not  keep any valuable things in the property counter
    • Maintain Strict silence inside the library
    • Smoking/Sleeping/using cell phones/ indulging in discussions / any other activity detrimental to academics is strictly prohibited
    • Users are advised not to misplace books on the racks from their original position
    • Entry without Id card is strictly prohibited
    • Personal books are not permitted within the stack area of central Library
    • The Library Staff are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings
    • Use of internet in the library is strictly restricted to academic purpose only.
    • Security personnel is authorized to check your belongings like books ,etc.,during entry or exit . Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
    • Handle books / Journals and other Library materials with care.
    • The Library is under the surveillance of closed circuit cameras.
    • The decision of the Chief Librarian is final in case of any violation/breach of the code of conduct/ rules.
    • No Entry to 24×7 Reading halls is permitted without id card
    • Security /Library staffs are authorized to restrict the entry in absence of valid library Card.
    • Ensure proper behaviour in the reading hall.
    • ID card is not transferable.
    • Maintain silence inside the 24×7 Reading Hall
    • 24 hours reading Hall is under CC TV surveillance
    • Don’t disrupt the activities of other library users or staff.
    • Making noise, use of cell phones, playing  music and consumption of food and drink etc inside the reading hall is strictly prohibited.
    • The reservation of seats is not allowed
    • The Central library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal items left in the reading halls.
    • Cooperate with library staff who conducts random checking of students in the reading halls.
    • The decision of the Chief Librarian is final in case of any violation/breach of the code of conduct/ rules.
    • Borrowing privileges are given to the Staff members, Scholars,  Post Graduate and Under Graduate students.
    • The textbooks will be issued for two weeks only . It can be renewed for a maximum of another two weeks subject to  the demand.
    • In case a book is lost, the borrower should pay double the cost of the book if it is an Indian publication and Four times the cost of the book, if it is a foreign publication and is also liable for fin.
    • Before borrowing and accepting the books, the borrower has to make sure that the books are in sound condition
    • Fine will be collected @ Rs 5 per day after the due date
    • Absence and illness are not acceptable excuses for exemption from paying fine.

“The only thing you absolutely have to
know is the location of the library.”

– Albert Einstein