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Clinical Psychology is the practice of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing mental and emotional disorders, ranging from anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, emotional adjustment disorders to severe disorders like mood disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Clinical Psychologists typically specialize in one or more of these sub-specialties: Child mental health, Adult mental health, Learning disabilities, Emotional disturbances, Substance abuse, Geriatrics, Health psychology, net addiction.

The primary job of a student trained in clinical psychology is to assess patients, diagnose the mental, emotional or behavioral disorder and recommend a treatment. Which includes counseling, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, other psychological and mindful therapy.

These candidates may work for the government or private hospitals, mental health facilities, or they may practice privately. Some of them also work in academic institutions for research and teaching purposes. They also corporate organizations/ industrial setup and other institutions where humans are involve.


  • Extensive training in key clinical psychology therapy skills and their application in multi- cultural settings including leadership& management skills for working in all sector.
  • Dynamic and inspiring teaching by leading psychologists and practitioners with opportunities for wok placements in India and abroad


  • High quality training in all aspects of clinical psychology including advanced level developmental, social, biological& cognitive psychology, to open a range of career paths.

Programme Curriculum

  • SEMESTER I (Total Credits = 20) Hours / Wk Credits Marks
    (Internal + External)
    MCPJ6501 Evolution of psychology 4 4 100
    MCPJ6502 Personality: theory, research, assessment 4 4 100
    MCPJ6503 Cognitive psychology 4 4 100
    MCPJ6504 Biological foundations of behaviour 4 4 100
    MCPT6505 Epidemiology & Statistics 4 4 100
    TOTAL 500
  • SEMESTER II (Total Credits = 24) Hours / Wk Credits Marks
    (Internal + External)
    Time allotted for Exam
    MCPT1506 Developmental Psychology 4 4 100 (40+60) 3 hrs
    MCPT1507 Psychopathology 4 4 100 (40+60) 3 hrs
    MCPT1508 Basics of Clinical Psychology 4 4 100 (40+60) 3 hrs
    MCPT1509 Psychotherapies 4 4 100 (40+60) 3 hrs
    MCPT1510 Cognitive Psychology – II 4 4 100 (40+60) 3 hrs
    MCPL1501 Clinical Psychology
    Practical – I
    4 2 100 (80+20) 2 hrs
    MCPL1502 Clinical Psychology
    Practical – II
    4 2 100 (80+20) 2 hrs
    TOTAL 700


Admission Fee (One-Time Fee) ₹ 13,000
1st Year ₹ 1,30,000
2nd Year ₹ 1,30,000
Total Course Fee ₹ 2,96,000

Scholarship is available for eligible students


To get admission in the masters in clinical psychology programme, applicants must have passed with at least 45% (40% in case the candidates belong to a reserved category) in graduation degree or equivalent with Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry or Inter vocational with Bridge course of Biological and Physical Sciences (or) APOSS with Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences.


After completing the course they can get in many fields as:

  • Clinical psychologist in hospitals, corporates and independent practice
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Welfare organization
  • Health educator
  • School counselor
  • Community relations officer
  • Research lab and organization

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