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One-of-its-kind Programme. An Overview.

Students of The Apollo University's B.Tech. Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) program, powered by Kalvium, will master the most up-to-date tech curriculum, co-designed with industry leaders, and take an accelerated path to their career goals. Starting 2 nd year, they will intern in leading global tech companies and achieve real-world readiness while earning a stipend.

Your Goals, Our Objectives

Kalvium- powered B.Tech. Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) program is designed to help you fulfil your goals and achieve definitive outcomes that will set you apart from the competition.

  • Master in-demand Tech Skills like Full Stack Development through industry-grade project-based learning.
  • Gain 3 Years of Relevant Work Experience enabling you to to Secure a 3X Higher CTC in final year placements.
  • Get Internships in Years 2 to 4 at Top Tech Companies, earning Stipends up to INR 8 Lacs annually.
  • Get Mentored by Tech Professionals in a dev-workspace classroom and become industry-ready faster.

Programme Highlights

Year-wise Curriculum

First Year

    Semester 1

  • Front end development
  • Problem solving using programming
  • Discrete mathematics
  • The breadth of computer science 1
  • Design for developers
  • Professional skills for the workplace
  • Critical thinking 101
  • Semester 2

  • Back end development
  • Database
  • Full stack development
  • The breadth of computer science 2
  • Learning how to learn
Second Year

    Semester 3

  • Database Management Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Economics, Politics and Rural Society Development
  • Mathematical thinking 101
  • Semester 4

  • Operating Systems
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • How human languages work?
  • Tools and techniques for creative thinking
Third Year

    Semester 5

  • Computer organization & architecture
  • Compiler design
  • Design & analysis of algorithms
  • English LSRW
  • Principles of Science
  • Semester 6

  • Formal language & automata theory
  • Computer networks
  • Discovering self
  • Fundamentals of business management
Fourth Year

    Semester 7

  • Domain core elective 1
  • Domain core elective 2
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Foundational courses elective 1
  • Semester 8

  • Open elective 1

Skilling Courses

A set of courses designed to help students build real-world developer skills.

Key Focus

To help students gain skills to target SDE1/equivalent roles for work.

Mandatory courses (credits)

  • Front end development (4 credits)
  • Problem solving using programming (4 credits)
  • Back end development (5 credits)
  • Database (3 credits)
  • Full stack development (4 credits)

Our Mentors

Dhananjay Ramakrishnappa is a highly qualified individual with a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and 18 years of experience. Apart from his professional achievements, he engages in various volunteering and outside-of-work activities that make him interesting. He co-founded the Joining the Dots Foundation, helping students pursue careers in diverse fields. Additionally, he has completed 69 half marathons and accomplished a 100 km walk in under 24 hours. Dhananjay's commitment to philanthropy, physical fitness, and pushing his limits sets him apart as an exceptional individual.

Dhananjay Ramakrishnappa

Anil Gulecha is an accomplished individual with 16 years of diverse work experience spanning across multiple industries. With a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Anil has excelled in various roles, including Operating Systems at Nexenta, Technical Skilling at Hackerrank, and Big Tech at Google. His significant accomplishments include building cutting-edge technology for skilling, enabling the assessment of millions of software engineers annually. Moreover, he has played a pivotal role in developing revenue systems platforms at Google, contributing to a remarkable $1.5 billion in revenue. Anil's expertise, innovation, and impact in the tech industry make him a valuable asset in driving success.

Anil Gulecha

Arvind Ragunathan is an accomplished professional in the ed-tech sector with 11 years of experience. He holds a B Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from SASTRA University (Batch of 2012). Throughout his career, Arvind has been instrumental in training over 10 lakh engineering undergraduates, helping them secure tech jobs in IT services and product-based companies. His expertise spans various areas within ed-tech, including curriculum and content design, train-the-trainer programs, training delivery, operations, digital marketing, and product management. With his vast skill set and impressive accomplishments, Arvind has made a significant impact in the field of education technology.

Arvind Ragunathan

Employability Areas

Industry leader speak

The foundation engineering courses that exist at present needed something more. Colleges need to spend time to make their students corporate-ready. For better fitment into the corporate world, students require role-related knowledge, cognitive ability, and leadership quality. These come with hands-on experiences and internships that require a serious effort, something that Kalvium is working on

Abhilash Nair

The APAC recruitment leader for tech hiring at Google

Kalvium's Liberal Engineering program in computer science caught my attention as it promises to provide students with industry-relevant skills even before graduation. The four-year on-campus program offers mentorship by industry professionals, deep work integration, and hands-on collaboration with problem-solving and skill courses. This approach ensures that students have an edge in the job market with guaranteed placement benefits.

Neel Kothari

CEO @ iZooto

While there is no shortage of software engineers, traditional courses often fail to meet the expectations of the industry, creating a disconnect. However, Kalvium is effectively bridging this gap.The curriculum adopted by Kalvium ensures that no student is left behind with industry standards and is ready to cope with perpetual evolving technologies.One-to-one interactive sessions make the students realize the intricate concepts with utmost clarity. Besides, what would be greater than stepping a milestone ahead on your financial independence while pursuing your graduation!

Amar Prabhu

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Rupeek

Admission Procedure

(Only meritocratic admission by clearing KQ Challenges)

Step 01

Apply for the B.Tech.

Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) on [Website]

Step 02

TAU Selection Process

Depends on clearing Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Challenge

Step 03

Selection Letter Issued

Subject to fulfilment of eligibility and admission criteria

Step 04

Programme Registration

On receipt of the registration fee as specified in the selection letter

Step 05

Provisional Admission Letter

Issued upon completion of the Programme Registration