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National Workshop on “Navigating Stress: Strategies for Success,”

In an effort to support student well-being and success, Department of Psychology at The Apollo University, hosted a comprehensive stress management workshop on 30th March,2024. The workshop titled “Navigating Stress: Strategies for Success,” was organized by Dr.S. Haseena and Dr. P.Sudha. The workshop aimed to provide students with practical tools and strategies to effectively manage stress in their academic and personal lives.

The workshop was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr.H.Vinod Bhat. He highlighted that present day technology has large impact on stress. He gave real life examples and appealed the young generation to learn to manage their stress effectively. Registrar, Prof.M.Potharaju appreciated the department’s effort to come up with a theme relevant to the present day context.

Led by experienced facilitators and mental health professionals, Dr.Bandi Hari Krishna, Dr.Ramaiah Itumulla and Dr.Mahendranath Chowdary, the workshop delved into various aspects of stress, its impact on individuals, and strategies for coping with stressors effectively. Nearly 200 students and Academicians from various colleges throughout the state, engaged in interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises designed to enhance their understanding of stress management techniques.

On the theme, 24 Posters were displayed by the participants. The Posters were judged by a panel of three members Dr.Jayanthi, Principal,Nursing, Dr.Bhaskar Reddy, Dean- AIPS and Dr.V.Lakshmi, Professor- SPW college.The “Prof.S.Bhaskar Naidu-Best Poster award” was won by Ms.Pagna Lanka and Ms.Sama Harika of IInd Semester M.Sc Clinical Psychology.Students from SPW college and SV college of Pharmacy won consolation prizes in poster presentation.

Throughout the workshop, participants learned about the physiological and psychological effects of stress, identified common stressors in their lives, and explored practical strategies for stress management.

As stress continues to be a prevalent issue among college students, initiatives like this workshop serve as valuable resources in promoting mental health and resilience within the university community.

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