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ISRT Inauguration Program

The ISRT (Indian Society of Radiographers and Technologists) Inauguration Program, a collaborative effort between Apollo University and the Imaging department, took place on December 15, 2023, at 10 am in Lecture Hall – 2. The event aimed to mark the commencement of the ISRT activities and was graced by eminent personalities from the medical and academic fields.

Distinguished Guests:
  1. Chief Guest: H. Vinod Bhat – Honorable Vice Chancellor, Apollo University
  2. Guest of Honor: Alfred J Augustine – Dean, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
  3. B. Kailashnatha Reddy – Program Director, Allied Health Science
  4. M. Potharaju – Registrar, Apollo University
Event Highlights:
  1. 1. Lamp Lighting Ceremony:
The program commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge and wisdom. The dignitaries, including the chief guest and guest of honor, participated in the ceremony.
2.  INTRODUCTION TO ISRT: Ms. Ruth Monica V, a respected faculty member of the Imaging Technology department at Apollo University and a long-standing member of ISRT, provided an insightful introduction to ISRT.
3.   WELCOME ADDRESS: Dr. B. Kailashnatha Reddy, Director of Allied Health Science, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, setting the tone for the event.
4.  ADDRESS BY DEAN: Dr. Alfred J Augustine, Dean of Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, shared valuable perspectives and insights related to the significance of ISRT.
5.  SPEECH BY HON’BLE VICE CHANCELLOR: Dr. H. Vinod Bhat, the Chief Guest, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of the ISRT initiative and its impact on the field of medical sciences.
6.  ACADEMIC ACTIVITY CALENDAR PRESENTATION: Mr. Priyanshu Singh, a representative from ISRT and a student of the Imaging department, presented the academic activity calendar for the upcoming year.
7.  VOTE OF THANKS: Ms. Keerthi, a student representative of the ISRT Club, expressed gratitude on behalf of the organizing committee and thanked all the dignitaries, participants, and collaborators for making the event a success.
8.  Event Management: The entire event was skillfully organized in collaboration with the Event Management Club, ensuring smooth execution and coordination.
9.  Anchoring: Ms. Anjali Nair, an IMT student and a representative of the ISRT club, expertly anchored the program, guiding the audience through the various segments with professionalism and enthusiasm.
The ISRT Inauguration Program concluded successfully, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the field of Imaging Science at Apollo University.

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