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Coding Club Logo Launch and Introduction to Prompt Engineering

New Club Logo Unveiling: The Coding Club proudly unveiled its new logo, skillfully designed by Yugavardhan. The logo is anticipated to embody the essence and identity of the Coding Club.

Welcome Address by Yugavardhan: The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Yugavardhan, setting the tone for an exciting and engaging gathering.

Faculty Coordinator’s Speech: Dr. A B Manju, the Coding Club faculty coordinator, delivered an inspiring speech. She motivated students to actively participate in coding activities, appreciating the efforts of first and second-year students in organizing the event.

Guest of Honour’s Speech: Dr. G B Hima Bindu, the esteemed Guest of Honour, delivered a speech encouraging students. She also provided a brief overview of the significance of prompt engineering.

Logo Launch: Dr. G B Hima Bindu officially launched the Coding Club logo, marking a significant moment in the event.

Vote of Thanks: The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. A B Manju, expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors.

Introduction of Club Executive Members: Ms. Sanya introduced the Coding Club’s executive members, presenting the vision and mission of the club.

Introductory Lecture on Prompt Engineering: Yugavardhan and Sanya, both from I B Tech CSE B, presented an introductory lecture on the emerging field of Prompt Engineering. The lecture delved into the relevance of prompt engineering for those interested in AI, computer science, and the evolving landscape of human-AI interaction.

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