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Bright Eyes, Brighter Future: World Optometry in Grandeur

On the auspicious occasion of World Optometry Day (23rd March 2024), the Department of Allied Health Sciences – Optometry led by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav (Program co-ordinator) and Ms. Nishitha G (Lecturer and Clinical supervisor) orchestrated a grand celebration that not only paid homage to the indelible contributions of optometrists but also underscored the significance of eye health in our daily lives.

The session commenced with a keynote address by Ms. Ruth Vijaya Priya, a student, who captivated the audience with her insights into the “Vision beyond Eyesight”.

Following the keynote, a presentation on the theme of the year “Advancing Optometry’s Commitment to Global Eye Care” by Mr. Kondapalli Bhargav Venkata Srinivas, offered attendees an understanding of the role of optometrists in enhancing optometry as a global healthcare profession.

The highlight of the afternoon was the visions of our honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Vinod Bhat whose ideologies and thoughts regarding eye healthcare held a profound insight, seamlessly bridging the realms of academia and clinical excellence in eye care.

Parallel to the academic fervor, the event also featured an exhibition of the models of the eye, videography, and reels related to the instrumentation in eye care.

In a compelling session that marked World Optometry Day, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav took the stage to delve into the fascinating journey of optometry from its humble beginnings to its status today as a crucial and dynamic field within healthcare. Speaking on behalf of the global optometric community, Mr. Yadav meticulously traced the evolution of optometry, providing a rich historical context that laid the foundation for understanding the significance and rapid advancement of this career path.

The facilitation of a quiz, art, and rangoli competitions, all centered around the profound theme of optometry, served as a testament to the event’s innovative approach to engaging participants in a meaningful exploration of eye care.

The World Optometry Day celebration was not merely an event but a beacon of hope and a call to action, reminding us of the profound impact of vision care on human life and the collective responsibility to ensure it is accessible to all.

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