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Visitor Education Program Agreement Between The Apollo University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The “Visitor Education Program Agreement” established between Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and The Apollo University (TAU) offers a unique opportunity for participants and students to enrich their academic and research experiences. Under this agreement, students gain access to the exceptional research traineeship programmes within the BWH Renal and Engineering in Medicine Divisions. This exposure to cutting-edge research and mentorship from experts provides a strong foundation for their academic growth.

Immerse Yourself Into a Diverse Learning Environment Via Visitor Education Program Agreement with TAU

The agreement facilitates a diverse and enriching learning environment for participants. They have the privilege to engage in a range of academic activities, from seminars to laboratory meetings and journal clubs, allowing them to broaden their knowledge horizons. Furthermore, the six to twelve-months research training at BWH is a pivotal aspect of the programme, as it empowers participants to collaborate with research faculty within the Renal Division on a multitude of scientific interests. The agreement also grants them access to BWH’s educational and research resources, offering comprehensive support for their academic and research pursuits. In essence, the “Visitor Education Program Agreement” serves as a catalyst for participants’ academic and research journeys, providing them with invaluable experiences and knowledge that will shape their future endeavours.