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Assistant Professor

School of Technology

Dr J.Jegan did his B. Tech in Information Technology from Anna University, Chennai in 2006, M.E in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University-Trichy in 2009 and Ph.D., from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University -Tirunelveli in 2018. He has over 13 years of teaching experience. He is acting as a Co-Supervisor for Ph.D Scholar at Annamalai University, Chidambaram. He acted as a Head for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He has successfully completed 05 NPTEL Courses. He has published 02 patents and 01 Book. He has presented 5 papers in National Conferences, 12 in International Conferences and published 5 Papers in Scopus Journals and 13 Papers in other journals. He organized National Level Conference, Faculty Development Porgramme and participated in various Faculty development Programs and Workshops.

    • Graduation In :

      B.Tech - IT
    • Graduation From :

      M.I.E.T Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai
    • Graduation Year :

    • Post Graduation In :

      M.E - CSE
    • Post Graduation From :

      J J College of Engineering and Technology Anna University, Trichy
    • Post Graduation Year :

    • Doctorate In :

      Ph.D - CSE
    • Doctorate From :

      Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli
    • Doctorate Year :

    • 13.6 years

  • Book Chapters

    • Karuppiah Santhi, Kandasamy Thinakaran, J. Jegan, Perepi Rajarajeswari, Predictive Analysis for Prognostication of Breast Cancer, Communication, Software and Networks, Proceedings of India 2022. Springer, Page: 565-572. (Scopus Indexed)

    Publications in Journals

      • U Kumaran, A Ramachandran, J Jegan, E.K. Subramanian,”Enhanced Routing for secured Adhoc Network”, IJEECS, ISSN:2502-4752, Vol.19, No.2, August 2020, PP. 949-956. (Scopus Indexed)
      • J.Jegan, S.Sivakumar, A.Ramachandran, S.Md.Shafiullah, “An Efficient Leader Node Selection for Movable Nodes in WSN using PSO Technique”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT),ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-8 Issue-6, August 2019.(Scopus Indexed)
      • Ramachandran, E. K. Subramanian, J. Jegan, “An Effective Image Matrix Compression Technique for Medical Pitch” , International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-7, Issue-6S4, April 2019. (Scopus Indexed)
      • J.Jegan, D.Sivakumar, K.Rajiv Gandhi ”A Novel approach to emphasize data mining in cloud computing, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research(IJAER), ISSN 0973-4562, (2015) Volume10 59(pp486-491)”. (Scopus Indexed)
      • M V Jagannatha Reddy, G. Jerald Prasath, Nagaraju Mysore, J. Jegan, Justin Verghese, “Active Learning for Semi Supervised Node Classification with Selective Features”, Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 2023.
      • Ramachandran A, Ashfauk Ahamed AK, EKSubramanian3 and J.Jegan, “Smart ATM Transactions with Advanced Level Security using OTP Technique”, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences. Vol.12, Issue 67, August 2021.
      • Guruprakash, K. S. ; Vijitha, S. ; Jegan, J. ; Subramanian, E. K. “Workload Prediction Framework for Optimized Resource Allocation Using Cloud Access Log File”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience. Volume 18, 1139-1142, 2021
      • Ramachandran. A, E. K. Subramanian,U.Kumaran, J.Jegan, “A Medical Image Encryption Scheme Using Chaotic Random Sequence”, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology.ISSN:2005 – 4238, Vol.29, No 7s, (2020), PP. 4856 – 4864
      • J. Jegan, S. Shangeetha, A. Abihael, “An Event Reporting and Monitoring in Underground Coal Mine Environment using Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Special Issue – 2018, ISSN: 2278-0181
      • J.Jegan,K.Selvakumar, ”A Study and compare of Leach Protocols”(2017). International Journal of Lates Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR) ISSN: 2455-4847 www.ijlemr.com || Volume 02 – Issue 08 || PP. 68-72)
      • J. Jegan, Dr. K. Selvakumar, Sivakumar “Energy efficient clustering method to find the optimized location for the super cluster node using PSO algorithm” (2017), International Journal of Latest Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR) ISSN: 2455-4847 www.ijlemr.com || Volume 02 – Issue 08|| PP. 31-38)
      • J. Jegan, Dr. K. Selvakumar, Sivakumar, “Swarm Based Novel Energy Aware Clustering Algorithm for WSN in Real time Applications”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, International Science Press, Volume 10 Number 12 2017, ISSN: 0974-5572
      • D. Sivakumar J. Jegan, Dr. K. Selvakumar, , “Cuckoo Search Based Reliable Energy and Trust Aware Routing Protocol (CRETRP) for Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, International Science Press, Volume 10 Number 12 2017, ISSN: 0974- 5572
      • R Sriramkumar, J Jegan, D Sivakumar, “Accessing Multiple Social Networks Android Application”, International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Engineering Research (IJETER) Volume 5, Issue 4, April (2017)
      • D Sivakumar, J Jegan, S Selvakumar, “Reliable Energy Efficient Protocol for Searching Optimal Path using Cuckoo Search Algorithm”, International Journal of Latest Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR) ISSN: 2455-4847 www.ijlemr.com || Volume 02 – Issue 08|| PP. 31-38)
      • J.Jegan, D.Sivakumar, R.Sriramkumar, “A Study on Wireless Routing Protocols”, International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology (IJARTET) Vol. 3, Special Issue 20, April 2016
      • J Jegan, D Sivakumar, T Vennila, “Base Station Design & Wireless Bluetooth Technology”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Volume:3 Issue: 2 25- Aug-2014,ISSN_NO: 2321-3337
      • A.Noorul Rishwana Begum, J.Jegan, ”Structural Monitoring and Fault Detection in Wind Turbine Using WSN,” International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research (2278-7844) / # 325 / Volume 4 Issue 3

    Publications in Conferences

    3.1 International

        • “Predictive analysis for Prognostication of Breast Cancer”, Springer 7th Series International Conference on Information System Design and Intelligent Applications, BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women, Hyderabad. 25th – 26th February 2022.
        • “Deep Ensemble model for Retinal Disorder Detection using OCT images”, 1st International Conference on Latest Advancements in Science, Management, Commerce and Educational Research Technology, 17th – 18th June 2022.
        • “Enhanced Water Distribution System”, IEEE-ICAET-2014, IEEE International Conference on Advances in Engineering & Technology 2014, E.G.S Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam.
        • “Design And Development Of Real Time Monitoring Of Air Pollutants through WSN Using Zigbee Module,” ICEAS–2015, Vetri Vinayaha College of Engineering & Technology, Tamilnadu, 2015.
        • “An enhanced method to preserve the privacy of network nodes in wireless sensor network using cloud based architecture”, ICETETS 2016, Kings College of Engineering, Thanjavur, India, 24-26 February 2016
        • “Stringent Method Should Be Adapted In Effective Utilization Power Saving In Wireless Adhoc Networks”, ICETETS 2016, Kings College of Engineering, Thanjavur, India, 24-26 February 2016
        • “Efficient Skyline query processing in spatial hadoop for excavating the future of Big data”, International Conference on Computation, Communication and Innovation, ICCCI‟16, ACCET, Karaikudi, ISBN 978-93-86176-35-6.
        • “Design the trust based routing protocol for intrusion detection in wsn”, International Conference On Research And Development In Information And Communication Technology (ICRDICT- 2016),EGS Pillay, Nagapattinam ISBN:978-93- 84893-49-1
        • “Secure Cost Aware Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks”, International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy, Information and Communication (ICCPEIC-2017), APEC, Melmaruvathur.
        • “Design of Earlier Flood and Landslides monitoring System Based on Weather Forecasting Data Using Wireless Sensor Network”, ICONNECT 2K17,KRCT, Trichy.
        • “A Secure and Efficient Power Saving Analysis for Wireless Sensor Network”, ICONNECT 2K17,KRCT, Trichy.
        • “Survey On File Recovery System For Hadoop Using Grid Based Query Language”, ICONNECT 2K17,KRCT, Trichy.

    3.2 National

      • “Analyze the customer Behavior using Decision Tree,” Nacore‟09, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappalli, 2009
      • “Identify the Person in Crowded Scene”, Eureka 2012, Vel Tech High Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College.
      • “An Efficient Path Planning Approach in WSN for Environmental Monitoring”, NCRCNC‟12, Hindustan College of Engg and Technology, Coimbatore.
      • “Study on an Agricultural Monitoring Server System Using Wireless Sensor Networks”, NC3-2014, National Conference on “Computing & Communication” CARE Group of Institutions, Tiruchirapalli, 2014.
      • “Preventing the Wind Turbine from Accidents Using WSN”, NCACT‟15, Kings College of Engineering.
  • Patents

    • Eliminating Loop holes in Classical Computing Using Quantum Computing, May‟2019
    • Utilizing Pioneer Research On Optical High Sensitivity Nano Sensors For Biomarker Diagonsis, Jan‟2022