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Assistant Professor

Apollo Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, Apollo Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The Apollo University, Chittoor. Worked as Assistant Professor & Associate Professor, Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy (Autonomous), RVS Nagar, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Worked as Assistant Professor, Mahathi College of Pharmacy, CTM, Madanapalli, Chittoor D.t. Has rich teaching and research experience of more than 7 years and published 9 research publications in high-impact refereed National and International Journals and Patent Filed and two patents published.

    • Graduation In :

    • Graduation From :

      Sri Krishna Chaitanya College of Pharmacy, Madanapalli- 517325,Chittoor(District) JNTUA, Ananthapuramu-515002.
    • Graduation Year :

    • Post Graduation In :

    • Post Graduation From :

      Sri Krishna Chaitanya College of Pharmacy, Madanapalli-517325, Chittoor(District) JNTUA, Ananthapuramu-515002.
    • Post Graduation Year :

    • Doctorate In :

      Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Doctorate From :

      Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur, Ananthapuramu-515002.
    • Doctorate Year :

    • 7.6 years

  • Publications in Journals

    • G Swapna, “Development and characterization of extended release swellable tablets of Valsartan” in European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.03 (2016), pp.391 – 401.
    • G Swapna,” Development of nifedipine sublingual tablet using disintegrants as release modifiers”, in International journal of research in pharmaceutical sciences (Scopus), Vol.11 (2020), pp.8130 – 8137.
    • G Swapna,” Atenolol and nifedipine combination is better than monotherapy: a new era in novel drug delivery for hypertension” in Journal of university of shanghai for sciences and Technology (Scopus), Vol.23 (2021), pp.191 – 206.
    • G Swapna, “Co-processed superdisintegrants loaded atenolol beads sublingual tablet for hypertension” in Natural volatiles and essential oils (Scopus), Vol.08 (2021), pp.11287 – 11300.
    • G Swapna, “A Review on Validated Analytical Methods for Aceclofenac” in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications (Scopus), Vol.07 (2022), pp.1053 – 1066.
    • G Swapna, “A Drug-Target Interaction Prediction Based on Supervised probabilistic Classification” in Journal Of  Computer sciences (Scopus), Volume 19 No. 10, 2023, PP 1203-1211, DOI: 10.3844/jcssp.2023.1203.1211 (https://thescipub.com/jcs/current)
    • G Swapna, “Pharmacological screening for  anti-arthritis of bombax ceiba in freund’s complete adjuvant-induced arthritis models” Submitted in Bioinformation (Pubmed) Volume 19(8): 833-839 (2023) DOI: 10.6026/97320630019833 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10613814/
  • Patents

    • Franz Diffusion Cell for Permeation Studies of Transdermal Dosage Forms
      Application Number: 400702-001, Cbr Number: 214935 Cbr Date:25/11/2023
      Dhruv Dev 2. P.S Minhas 3. Prof. Dr. K. Bhaskar Reddy 4. Dr. G. Swapna 5. Dayanand L 6. Dr. Chinnasamy Balalakshmi 7. Rajeshkumar Shantarang Palva 8. Dr. Parag Arun 9.Kulkarni Mr. Gaurav Singh 10. Jasleen Kaur Minha
    • Ultrasonicator Apparatus for Synthesis of Niosomes
      [App.No. :400704001] Filing Date:25/11/2023 Granted 10/01/2024
      Prof. Dr. K. Bhaskar Reddy 2. Dr. K.V. Swathi Krishna Dr. V. Gunasekaran 4. Dr. G. Swapna 5. Dr. S. Nandhakumar Audinarayana Nelavala 7. Dr. Sreerama Rajasekhar