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Research and Development Cell

Committed to fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, the Research and Development committee serves as a vital platform for promoting and facilitating research endeavors within our institution. Comprised of esteemed faculty members and passionate scholars, the committee aims to nurture a vibrant research ecosystem by providing guidance, resources, and opportunities to students and faculty alike. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research methodologies, we aspire to cultivate a community of scholars dedicated to advancing knowledge and contributing to the academic and societal discourse. The Research Committee is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of research at our college, empowering individuals to explore new frontiers and make meaningful contributions to their respective field

Name Department/School Role
Dr. H. Vinod Bhat Vice Chancellor Chairman
Dr M. Mariappan Dean, School of Technology Member
Dr Ch. Sunil kumar Dean, School of Management Member
Dr B. Kailasnath Reddy Program Director, Dept of Allied Health Sciences Member
Dr Sethurama Subbaiah Dept of Social Work, School of Social Sciences Member
Dr S. Bhaskar Naidu Dept of Clinical Psychology, School of Health Sciences Member
Dr R. Satyanaryana Dept of Health Informatics, School of Health Sciences Member
Prof. M. Potharaju Registrar Convener