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On March 31, 2023, the Apollo University held a Reading and Literary Club event featuring Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Vinod Bhatt. The event was aimed at promoting the habit of reading among students and highlighting the impact of books on one’s life.

During the event, Dr. Bhatt emphasized the importance of reading and how it has transformed his life. He shared his personal experience and encouraged students to make reading a habit. He also stressed the importance of being a voracious reader for academic success.

Dr. Bhatt spoke about his favorite authors and their works, inspiring the audience to explore new authors and genres. He encouraged the members to learn different languages to broaden their reading scope and cultural understanding.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor also highlighted the significance of mindful writing and how it helps in expressing one’s thoughts clearly and creatively. He urged students to take up writing as a hobby and to express themselves freely.

In a gesture to promote reading, Dr. Bhatt announced that he would donate a book every month to the Reading Hub Library. He urged members to read the book, draw up a review and participate in the discussion, which will be held on a regular basis.