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The B. Tech IT program at The Apollo University, the students are made to learn various aspects of development of hardware components, communication, and software. At Apollo University the experienced faculty facilitate students with current technological advancements which helps the students to become industry-ready. They take courses covering computer and networks technology, and key elements involving project management. The students are provided with a competitive edge and the ability to transform organizations with their unique understanding the business implications of IT strategies. The careers in both IT and Computer Science can take you in many directions, but they do have distinct paths. The programme broadly means working with programming languages or data to develop or improve products. The programme mainly focuses on the operations of computers, their networks and systems.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One-Time Fee) ₹ 6,500
1st Year ₹ 2,12,800
2nd Year ₹ 2,12,800
3rd Year ₹ 2,12,800
4th Year ₹ 2,12,800
Total Programme Fee (4 Years) ₹ 8,51,200