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The B.Tech CSE-CNS program provides graduates with a solid foundation in computer networks, fundamentals of ICT, design and manage complex networks and security measures apart from providing experiential learning.The network engineer would work on the technologies, protocols, and algorithms used to connect computers and devices, as well as the security measures used to protect these networks from unauthorised access and attacks.They shall design and deploy hardware parts of computing devices. Writing code for other operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) is also a part of responsibility.The rapid growth of the internet and local area networks, networking became a challenging field. With constant technological advancements, the scope of computer networking is constantly changing. There is a high demand for professionals with a broad knowledge of computer networks, security, and problem-solving skills.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One-Time Fee) ₹ 6,500
1st Year ₹ 2,12,800
2nd Year ₹ 2,52,800
3rd Year ₹ 2,52,800
4th Year ₹ 2,52,800
Total Programme Fee (4 Years) ₹ 9,71,200