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Name of the Club: Arts and Cultural Club

Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Daniel V

Name of the Student Coordinators: 1. Banavathu Kesav Kumar Naik, AHS 2021-22

  1. M Jaya Sree Prakash, AHS 2021-22

Date: 09.12.2023

Venue: In–house

No. of Participants: 25

Name of the Activity: Show Your Uniqueness.

The objective/s of the Activity:

“Show Your Uniqueness” is an inclusive platform designed to celebrate individuality and creativity across various forms of expression. From art and fashion to performances and personal narratives, this event encourages participants to embrace their distinctiveness, fostering a community that appreciates and celebrates the diverse and unique qualities that make each person special.


“Show Your Uniqueness” event held on 09.12.2023 culminated in a kaleidoscope of creativity, featuring diverse expressions that celebrated individuality across art, fashion, and performances. The event successfully fostered a sense of community, encouraging participants to embrace and showcase their distinctive qualities.