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The B.Tech CSE-CNS program provides graduates with a solid foundation in computer networks, fundamentals of ICT, design and manage complex networks and security measures apart from providing experiential learning.The network engineer would work on the technologies, protocols, and algorithms used to connect computers and devices, as well as the security measures used to protect these networks from unauthorised access and attacks.They shall design and deploy hardware parts of computing devices. Writing code for other operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) is also a part of responsibility.The rapid growth of the internet and local area networks, networking became a challenging field. With constant technological advancements, the scope of computer networking is constantly changing. There is a high demand for professionals with a broad knowledge of computer networks, security, and problem-solving skills.

Program Objective

  • Students acquire the skills necessary to create, deploy, and oversee computer-networking systems inside an organisation. Ability to implement network
    implementation best practises. Perform redundancy testing and performance
    balancing on both LAN and WAN networks.
  • Students in computer networks and security, they can expand on their prior knowledge and acquire the expertise, experience, and industry-recognized
    certifications necessary to succeed in the quickly expanding network business.
  • Students specifies about network security is crucial for both personal and professional networks.
  • Students will learn about Data loss, theft, and sabotage risk can be decreased with the aid of a strong network security system.

Industry Leader Speak


Following are the key features of the B.SC IMAGING TECHNOLOGY program at TAU.

The networking professionals are needed in many fields such as from healthcare to financial services and from education to entertainment. ​
The increase in cybercrimes, companies required to protect their sensitive data and personal information. As a result, there is a high demand for professionals with a broad knowledge of computer networks, security, and problem-solving skills. ​
The Apollo University offer ​thisnetworks program in collaboration with CISCO.​

Programme Curriculum

  • Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Problem Solving and Programming with C, Communicative English, Engineering Physics Lab, Problem Solving and Programming with C Lab.
  • Probability & Statistics, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Data Structures, Python Programming, Environmental Studies, Data Structures Lab, Python Programming Lab.


The Network graduates can explore the employment opportunities in various public and private sectors. They mostly acquire the following positions:

  • Network Engineer
  • Software developer
  • Health Information Management
  • Software tester
  • Network administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Security Consultant