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Proctorial Committee

Though the prime responsibility of ensuring discipline rests with the Dean/HoD/ Program Director/ Program Coordinator, this Proctorial Committee is constituted to oversee the discipline among the students during academic and non-academic hours in the campus.

Name Designation Status
Prof K. Bhaskar Reddy Dean AIPS Chairperson
Dr. B. Nageswar Rao Assoc Prof, Dept of CSE , SoT Member
Dr S.Hemadri Reddy Assoc Prof, Dept of BMS, SoHS Member
Dr. G. B. Hima Bindu Assoc Prof, Dept of CSE , SoT Member
Dr.V.T. Kiran Asst Prof , Dept of AHS ,SoHS Member
Dr.S .Kavitha  Asst Prof, dept of AHS, SoHS Member
Dr.D. Shahnaz Asst Prof, SoM Member
Mr.Y. Dilip Kumar PET, TAU Member
Dr. S. S. Shani Asst Prof, SoSS Convenor