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B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology is a rapidly growing and well-structured programme in the healthcare sector both clinically and academically. In this programme, an individual will get trained to provide dialysis treatment for renal failure patients. This academic course is designed to provide comprehensive training in clinical care as well as research. This course will train the undergraduates with great knowledge and skills which are required in the present era by providing dialysis training with good infrastructure.
The undergraduates will gain knowledge in operating and maintaining dialysis machines providing patient care. The Dialysis Technologist works as a member of a multidisciplinary team along with the Nephrologist and Clinicians to plan and implement the prescription for performing all the different modalities of Renal Replacement Therapies.


Scholarship will be awarded for deserving and meritorious candidates under following criteria

(Only in the first year)
• Above 90% or above 9 CGPA will be awarded 25% of the Tuition Fee
• Above 80%-89% or 8 – 9 CGPA will be awarded 15% of the Tuition Fee