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Assistant Professor

School of Technology

Dr. Shaik Jakeer did his Graduation in Mathematics from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, A.P. in 2015 and Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. He has 5 years of Teaching and Research experience at various levels. He has published 20 (SCI Journal) international journal papers. His areas of interest are Fluid dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Bio-fluids, Hybrid nanofluids, Stability Analysis and CFD. He presented/Attended several International / National Conferences / Seminars / Workshops. He is an eminent reviewer in the International Journal of Modern Physics B and Waves in Random and Complex Media (SCI Journals). Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department (School of Technology) at Apollo University, Chittoor, A.P, India.

    • Graduation In :

      B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)
    • Graduation From :

      Sri Vivekananda Degree College, Madanapalli, India.
    • Graduation Year :

    • Post Graduation In :

    • Post Graduation From :

      Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati
    • Post Graduation Year :

    • Doctorate In :

      Mathematics (Fluid Dynamics)
    • Doctorate From :

      VIT University, Vellore
    • Doctorate Year :

    • 4.11 Years

  • Book Chapters

    • Shaik Jakeer., P. Bala Anki Reddy, Entropy Generation on EMHD Stagnation Point Flow of Hybrid Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet: Homotopy Perturbation Solution, IMS – 2020, 91.
    • Shaik Jakeer , competence of magnetic dipole and radiation on permeable surface using prescribed heat flux/prescribed surface temperature and homogeneous- heterogeneous reactions, ICAMCS 2021.

    Publications in Journals

    • SRR Reddy, Gunisetty Ramasekhar, S Suneetha and Shaik Jakeer., Entropy generation analysis on MHD of Ag+Cu/Blood tangent hyperbolic hybrid nanofluid flow over a porous plate. Journal of Computational Biophysics and Chemistry, 2023. https://doi.org/10.1142/S2737416523500473 (SCI, I.F.= 2.2).
    • Shaik Jakeer, Sathishkumar Veerappampalayam Easwaramoorthy, Seethi Reddy Reddisekhar Reddy, Hayath Thameem Basha, Numerical and Machine Learning Approach for Fe3O4-Au/Blood Hybrid Nanofluid Flow in a Melting/Non-Melting Heat Transfer Surface with Entropy Generation., Symmetry, 2023, 15(8), 1503. (SCI, I.F.= 2.7).
    • Shaik Jakeer and SRR Reddy Electrokinetic membrane pumping flow of hybrid nanofluid in a vertical microtube with heat source/sink effect, European Physical Journal Plus, 489, 2023, 138:489 (SCI, I.F.= 3.911).
    • Seethi Reddy Reddisekhar Reddy, Shaik Jakeer, Maduru Lakshmi Rupa, ANN model of three-dimensional micropolar dusty hybrid nanofluid flow with Coriolis force: Biomedical applications, Indian Journal of Physics, 20, 2023, 1-25. (SCI, I.F.= 1.778).
    • N. Shanmugapriyan and Shaik Jakeer Biomedical aspects of entropy generation on MHD flow of TiO2-Ag/blood hybrid nanofluid in a porous cylinder. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 2023. https://doi.org/10.1080/10255842.2023.2245520 (SCI, I.F.= 1.6).
    • Yu-Ming Chu, Shaik Jakeer, SRR Reddy, M Lakshmi Rupa, Youssef Trabelsi, M Ijaz Khan, Hala A Hejazi, Basim M Makhdoum, Sayed M Eldin, Double diffusion effect on the bio-convective magnetized flow of tangent hyperbolic liquid by a stretched nano-material with Arrhenius Catalysts. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 44, 2023,102838 (SCI, I.F.= 6.268).
    • H A Nabwey, A.M. Rashad, P. Bala Anki Reddy, Shaik Jakeer , M.A. Mansour, T. Salah, , Radiative effects on unsteady MHD natural convection flow in an inclined wavy porous cavity using hybrid nanofluid containing a square obstacle, Alexandria Engineering Journal, 65, 2023, 921-937. (SCI, I.F.= 6.626).
    • Shaik Jakeer, and P. Bala Anki Reddy, Stability analysis of electrical magneto hydrodynamic stagnation point flow of Ag-Cu/water hybrid nanofluid over a permeable stretching/shrinking slendering sheet: Entropy generation, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, 236, 2023, 1-10. (SCI, I.F.= 1.822).
    • Shaik Jakeer, Reddy, S. R.R., Rashad, A. M., Lakshmi Rupa, M., Manjula, C., Nonlinear analysis of Darcy-Forchheimer flow in EMHD ternary hybrid nanofluid (Cu-CNT-Ti/water) with radiation effect. Forces in Mechanics, 2023, 10, 100177 (ECSI).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala anki reddy, H. Thameem Basha, S.R.R. Reddy, Entropy generation and Melting heat transfer on the Ferrohydrodynamic flow of Fe3O4-Ag/blood hybrid nanofluid with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model. Waves in Random and Complex Media , 2023, 1-28 ,(SCI, I.F. = 4.853).
    • P Bala Anki Reddy, Shaik Jakeer, A Rashed, T Salah, E. A Hassan, Magnetic convection-radiation interaction in wavy porous triangular containers using hybrid nanofluids: Entropy analysis, Journal of Porous Media, 26(5), 2023, 79-99 (SCI, I.F.= 1.782).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P Bala Anki Reddy, H Thameem Basha, SRR Reddy, Entropy minimization of the non-Newtonian bio-hybrid (Fe3O4-CuO/blood) nanofluid flow over a linear extending sheet by means of induced magnetic field, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 2023, 2450142. (SCI, I.F.= 1.7).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, Entropy generation on the variable magnetic field and magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow of Eyring–Powell hybrid dusty nanofluid: Solar thermal application, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, 2022 ,236(13), 1-14. (SCI, I.F.= 1.758).
    • P. Bala Anki Reddy, T. Salah, Shaik Jakeer, M.A. Mansour A. M. Rashad, Entropy Generation Due To Magneto-Natural Convection In A Square Enclosure With Heated Corners Saturated Porous Medium Using Cu/Water Nanofluid, Chinese Journal of Physics, 71, 2021, 1003-1008. (SCI, I.F.= 3.957).
    • P. Bala Anki Reddy, Shaik Jakeer, H. Thameem Basha, S. R. R. Reddy, T. Mahesh Kumar, Multi-layer artificial neural network modelling of entropy generation on MHD stagnation point flow of Cross-nanofluid, Waves in Random and Complex Media , 2022, 1-28 ,(SCI, I.F. = 4.853).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, Homotopy perturbation method solution of magneto-polymer nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms over the permeable sheet with Cattaneo–Christov heat and mass flux model, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, 2021, 1-10. (SCI, I.F.= 1.822).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, M.A. Mansour A. M. Rashad, Characteristics of moving hot block and non-Fourier heat flux model on sinusoidal wavy cavity filled with hybrid nanofluid, European Physical Journal Plus, 137 (1), 2022, 1-16. (SCI, I.F.= 3.911).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, A. M. Rashad, Hossam. A. Nabwey, Impact of heated obstacle position on magneto-hybrid nanofluid flow in a lid-driven porous cavity with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux pattern, Alexandria Engineering Journal, 10(13), 2021, 1-11. (SCI, I.F.= 6.626).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, Competence of magnetic dipole and Radiation on permeable surface using Prescribed heat flux / prescribed surface Temperature and homogeneous heterogeneous Reactions, Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media: An International Journal, 12(6), 2021,91-107. )(SCI, I.F.= 1.1).
    • Shaik Jakeer, P. Bala Anki Reddy, Entropy generation on EMHD stagnation point flow of hybrid nanofluid over a stretching sheet: Homotopy perturbation solution, Physica Scripta, 95(12), 2020, 125203. (SCI, I.F.= 3.081).
  • Patents

    • Dr.P.R.Therasa ,Mrs.G.Nishanthi ,Dr.Anna Devi, Dr.S. SHIBU , Dr.Shaik Jakeer , Mr.D Jeyakumar , Mr.S J Vivekanandan , Dr.M. Gayathri ,. Blockchain based method for reducing vehicle pollutant emissions (202241061019).