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Essential Life skills: Tools for Success in Personal and Professional Domains

The Department of Psychology Organized Workshop Entitled “Essential Life skills: Tools for Success in Personal and Professional Domains” aimed at equipping students with the essential tools needed for success beyond academia was held on 16-04-2024. The workshop brought together esteemed professionals and faculty members to impart invaluable knowledge and insights to the participants. The workshop, tailored specifically for students, focused on a wide array of crucial life skills including communication, time management, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and Self Awareness. These skills are not only indispensable for academic excellence but are also vital for personal and professional growth in today’s competitive world.

The Workshop was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of The Apollo University, Dr. H. Vinod Bhat. He highlighted the importance of life Skills for both personal and professional Growth. Registrar, Prof, M. Potharaju appreciated the department’s initiative in organizing the Life Skills Workshop. It is imperative for educational institutions to go beyond traditional academic learning and equip students with the practical skills necessary for navigating today’s complex world. The event commenced with an inspiring key address by Professor K. Anuradha, Professor, S.V. University a renowned expert in the area of Life Skills. She shared wealth of experience and emphasized the significance of developing strong life skills for navigating the complexities of modern life.

Throughout the day-long workshop, participants engaged in interactive sessions, group activities, and practical exercises designed to enhance their proficiency in various life skills by key speakers Dr. B. Swaroopa Rani, Associate Professor, S.V. University, Dr. M.V. Vijaya Kumar, Communication Psychologist. Facilitators provided expert guidance, fostering an environment conducive to learning and personal development.

The workshop concluded with a closing ceremony where participants were awarded certificates of completion. Feedback from Participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the invaluable knowledge gained and the opportunity to network with professionals in their respective fields.

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