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Apollo’s Well-Being Centre ensures the personal well-being of students and staff of the University. The centre is also a key part of the student support infrastructure and enables them to cope with personal, educational, social and mental health issues encountered during campus life. They do so by creating awareness around these issues, and by setting up a robust support infrastructure (for instance by training faculty in counselling activities, and designing and implementing a student focused mentoring system).

The centre has the following members:

Name Department/School Role
Dr M. Mariappan Dean, School of Management Chairman
Dr S. S. Shani Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences Member
Dr G. B. Hima Bindu Associate Professor, School of Technology Member
Dr K. Mahendra Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences Member
Mr Ashok P. M. Reddy Lecturer, School of Health Sciences Member
Dr Vandana Kaja Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychology Convenor/Counsellor