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Name of the Club: Arts and Cultural Club

Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Daniel V

Name of the Student Coordinators: 1. Banavathu Kesav Kumar Naik, AHS 2021-22

  1. M Jaya Sree Prakash, AHS 2021-22

Date: 25.11.2023

Venue: In–house

No. of Participants: 25

Name of the Activity: Sing Out to the World.

The objective/s of the Activity:

The “Sing Out to the World” competition is a platform that welcomes vocalists from various genres and backgrounds to share their musical talents and convey powerful messages through song. From soulful ballads to energetic anthems, this event celebrates the universal language of music, offering artists an opportunity to connect with a global audience and express themselves through the transformative power of song.


The “Sing Out to the World” competition held on 25.11.2023 concluded with a stunning array of vocal performances that transcended genres, captivating the audience with diverse musical expressions. The event successfully showcased the universal resonance of music and the ability of talented vocalists to connect and communicate powerful messages through their songs.