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Name of the Club: Arts and Cultural Club

Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Daniel V

Name of the Student Coordinators: 1. Banavathu Kesav Kumar Naik, AHS 2021-22

  1. M Jaya Sree Prakash, AHS 2021-22

Date: 11.11.2023

Venue: In–house

No. of Participants: 20

Name of the Activity: Spot Choreography

The objective/s of the Activity:

The Spot Choreography Event is a dance competition or showcase dedicated to performances that focus on intricate movements and artistic expression within a confined space. Dancers demonstrate their skills in footwork, turns, and emotive storytelling while remaining stationary.

This event draws inspiration from various dance genres, including jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop, providing a platform for choreographers and dancers to showcase their creativity and technical abilities in a uniquely challenging format. It celebrates the fusion of precision and artistry in a limited spatial setting, captivating audiences with the dynamic energy generated within a single spot on the stage.


The Spot Choreography event, held on 11.11.23, featured mesmerizing performances where dancers showcased their skilful footwork, turns, and emotive storytelling within a confined space, blending precision and artistry to captivate the audience with dynamic energy in each spot on the stage. The competition highlighted the creative process of choreographers and the dancers’ ability to express themselves in a uniquely challenging format.