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Name of the Club: Arts and Cultural Club

Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Daniel V

Name of the Student Coordinators: 1. Banavathu Kesav Kumar Naik, AHS 2021-22

  1. M Jaya Sree Prakash, AHS 2021-22

Date: 09.03.2024

Venue: In–house

No. of Participants: 13

Name of the Activity: Feel the Music.

The objective/s of the Activity:

“Feel the Music” aims to create an immersive experience where participants can connect deeply with music on an emotional level. Through a series of interactive sessions and performances, the activity seeks to evoke various emotions and sensations, fostering a deeper appreciation for music’s impact. Ultimately, the objective is to inspire individuals to explore the transformative power of music and its ability to resonate within the soul.


“Feel the Music” held on 09.03.24 wrapped up with an immersive journey into the depths of musical expression, resonating with participants on an emotional and soulful level. The event brought together individuals from various backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of musical genres. Attendees departed enriched, having experienced the transformative power of music to evoke profound emotions, fostering lasting connections and memories.