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By 2030, there will be a global shortage of about 18 million
skilled healthcare workers, including pharmacists

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About Apollo Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

B. Pharmacy at Apollo Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a four-year programme focused on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It covers various topics, including pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology, and more. Graduates gain expertise in understanding medications, their effects on the human body, and the chemical properties of the materials used. B. Pharm. students learn to select the right medicines for treatment, emphasising health and well-being. The programme combines practical experiments and theoretical studies and is regulated by the Pharmacy Council of India.

What Sets Us Apart

Key Highlights

  • Embrace the legacy of learning at a university affiliated with the renowned Apollo Hospitals Group.
  • Benefit from world-class faculty hailing from esteemed institutions worldwide.
  • Engage in collaborations with top-tier global universities, enhancing your skills on a global scale.
  • Develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills through practical, real-world experiences.
  • Immerse yourself in hands-on learning with access to state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure.

Program Outcomes that Define Success

Apollo Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences objectives

  • Academic Excellence
  • Providing a strong Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology foundation, imparting essential knowledge and practical applications.
  • Competency and Inventiveness
  • Developing graduates with solid fundamental concepts and high technical competence, encouraging innovative approaches in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Traits Improvement and Professionalism
  • Instilling regulation, professionalism, teamwork, communication skills, and social and ethical commitment to prepare graduates for leadership roles in healthcare, with a distinct professional identity and global recognition.
  • Social Contribution
  • Training students to contribute to the healthcare system through counselling for disease prevention and creating awareness about critical healthcare issues.

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